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What are the best babymoon destinations around the world? This is a question that I asked myself early on in both of my pregnancies.

When deciding on a babymoon destination there are several important factors to take into consideration- Is it safe? Does in involve a lot of travel? Does it require any vaccinations or medication etc? I have done lots of research into babymoons and spent hours researching which places are and are not appropriate. In this post I will present to you my findings.

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world

The best babymoon destinations

A babymoon is a fantastic idea.

It gives you the chance to spend some time relaxing before the baby arrives, and doing things you might not be able to do once the little one arrives. This post aims to look at some of the very best babymoon destinations.

Whether you’re going it alone or have a supportive partner by your side, these are the ideal places to take some time for yourself. Read a book without having to keep on eye on a child, and enjoy a slap-up meal without having to share bites of it with little mouths. So where could you go?

#1 Lake Orta, Italy

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
Lake Orta, Italy.

If you want somewhere peaceful within Europe, then Lake Orta is ideal.

All of the Italian lakes are beautiful but this one is special in that it remains fairly untouched by tourists still. That’s not to say that people don’t visit, but it’s a far cry from the crowds that Lake Garda attracts (and it’s great to avoid crowds when pregnant for fear of germs and getting too hot and bothered).

For true Italian authenticity, this is one of the best babymoon destinations: gelato, cobblestone streets and an air of pure serenity – you’ll leave feeling so relaxed as you had into the later stages of your pregnancy.

There is a train that heads down to the lake itself, so you won’t need to be on your feet for too long, and there are some beautiful hotels and restaurants to enjoy.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

Appartemento l’Isola is a huge apartments right on the lake itself, or Hotel Bocciolo has fantastic service and views of the water and mountains beyond it.

#2 Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
Guana Island, British Virgin Islands.

For those looking for absolute exclusivity, look no further! Being pregnant is a wonderful and special experience and life will never be the same once your little bundle of joy arrives! So why not splurge on some pure luxury while you can?

With 15 cottages, each boasting around 30 acres of land, across the whole island – well, you’ll have all the space you could ever want.

Soft white sand is juxtaposed with mossy hills, and the island really is a haven of peace and quiet. If it’s paradise you’re after, you’ll find it here.

There are never more than 35 guests on the island at once, and there are seven beaches across the island to choose from. Some villas have pools, and there is a private organic orchard

It’s one of the best babymoon destinations for those wanting pure bliss.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

Every room is top notch at this exclusive hotel on Guana Island!

#3 Mykonos, Greece

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
I travelled to Greece at the end of the first trimester.

We travelled through Greece while I was pregnant with my eldest daughter. While climbing the rocks of Meteora and walking the streets of Athens might not be to everyone’s taste, the Greek islands offer the perfect mix of culture and relaxation.

Mykonos is another perfectly peaceful place to enjoy a babymoon – this little Greek island is the ideal place to put your feet up.

While it can get busy in the summer, if your second trimester falls in spring or early autumn then this is one of the best babymoon destinations you could hope for.

Quiet cobbled streets, beautiful blue and white buildings and stunning 16th-century windmills make for the perfect landscape. On the gorgeous Aegean Sea, the lovely restaurants and boutique shops of Mykonos are truly wonderful.

Pick a B&B with beautiful views and an infinity pool, or a laid-back apartment with the sea just outside your window.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

Zelia B&B offers great accommodation at an affordable price and Sugar Blue is the perfect sea-catering option with parking available outside for those who wish to explore the island during their trip.

#4 Marrakech, Morocco

Pregnant or not, I just love Marrakech! I’ve been twice and I can’t wait to go back!

Marrakech is one of the most ideal babymoon destinations you should choose from as it has a laid back atmosphere, lots of culture and there are plenty of lovely restaurants to eat at and spas to relax in. The beautiful architecture is a bonus!

There isn’t a massive drinking culture in most too places, so you won’t feel too out of place with a sparkling water!

There is a lot to see and do in Marrakech but you also have the option to take things slow.

Opt for a more traditional riad-style accommodation, or choose somewhere fancy with brilliant spa facilities to boot.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

I recommend beautiful traditional Riad Menara One for a bit of culture or the Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa for a bit of luxury.

#5 Cornwall, UK

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
I travelled to Cornwall pre-children and I know it would make for a great babymoon destination!

If you want one of the best babymoon destinations in the UK, head to Cornwall. This is my favourite place in the United Kingdom and is a great place to get a bit of R&R.

A peninsula on the southwest coast of England, the whole county is beautiful. You get lots of gentle walks in and sit and enjoy the scenery.

With harbour towns, seaside resorts and cute villages, Cornwall has it all. There are beaches and wild moorland, and plenty to do at your own pace. And don’t forget to try a real Cornish pasty!

Cornwall has open air theatres, eco parks and various National Trust locations to enjoy.

It really is a British gem, and makes for a lovely staycation if you’re in the UK and don’t want to travel too far for your babymoon.

Choose a luxury seafront hotel, a holiday home or somewhere with a fancy spa and golf course. There are so many choices!

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

The Royal Duchy Hotel is a great hotel overlooking the ocean. The Carlyon Bay Hotel and Spa is a luxury accommodation perched on a cliff edge and is right next to a golf course.

#6 Interlaken, Switzerland

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
Interlaken, Switzerland.

Switzerland is a beautiful country and is well worth a visit. One of my favourite places is Interlaken.

A resort town with plenty of open space and a mountain landscape, Interlaken is breathtaking.

While there is a sense of adventure in the area, there is also the chance to completely relax and admire the beautiful lakes.

There are cable cars and railways, cafes and hiking trails. The crystal blue waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz offer a beautiful backdrop for your babymoon.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

Hotel Berghof Amaranth in a stunning hotel in the mountains with a heated outdoor pool. This hotel offers lucre and views at the same time- what more could a pregnant lady want? (Except perhaps a large glass of wine, but you’ll have to wait a little while longer for that…)

#7 St Philip, Barbados

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
St Philip, Barbados

Barbados is beautiful. And the St Philip area is even more so.

It is home to one of the best beaches in the Caribbean: Crane Beach, complete with pink sands and dramatic cliffs and perfect blue water.

Hotels here ooze pure luxury, too. So if you’re looking to splash out on one of the best babymoon destinations in the world, head to Barbados.

Here you’ll be able to relax, eat great food and listen to waves lapping against the sand. What more could you ask for to wind down before becoming a parent?!

Pick from a range of holiday homes in St Philip, or opt for one of the various luxury resorts in the area.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

ZenBreak – The Gem is a wonderful holiday home- perfect for anyone who loves the self-catering option and The Crane Resort is perfect for those looking for some luxury by the beach!

#8 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dubai’s neighbour, Abu Dhabi is quiter and more authentic, which is why we chose to travel here for my babymoon.

Abu Dhabi has some great attractions to visit, such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the F1 track.

It also has beautiful beaches, year-round warm weather and some fab hotels to relax in!

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

We stayed at the Radisson Blue Hotel Resort and Spa and LOVED it! It was right on the beach, had amazing food and was excellent value for money. Oh, and the bed was super comfy too (which is very important when you’re carrying that baby weight!).

#9 The Maldives

Another of the best babymoon destinations for those looking for pure luxury is The Maldives.

Think soft white sands, sparkling blue waters and plenty of space to yourself. There is plenty of opportunity for peace and quiet in the Maldives!

Pack your SPF 50, your favourite books and your headphones because you won’t need much else.
This couple enjoyed their babymoon in the Maldives.

From private beach villas leading right into the water and hotels with private beaches, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from.

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

You can stay in a luxurious private beach villa at Komandoo Island Resort & Spa or for something a little bit more cultural you can try Gunbaru Inn, which has its own private beach.

#10 Wangels, Germany

The 10 best babymoon destinations around the world
Wangles, Germany

Located on the Baltic Sea, this area of Germany is so peaceful.

The views are beautiful, and you’ll find long stretches of beach to explore. It is also home to the stunning Weissenhaus Grand Village.

This is a beautiful spa resort that offers incredible treatments in a truly serene location. There are 75 hectares of private ground, set in 400-year-old parkland and just an hours drive away from Hamburg should you want to venture out to explore.

It really is one of the very best babymoon destinations available!

Babymoon suitable accommodation-

The Weissenhaus Grand Village has everything you need for the perfect babymoon in Germany!

There are so many places to choose from when it comes to finding the best babymoon destinations. You want somewhere with things to do, but also the chance to relax. Sunshine and serenity, beautiful surroundings and pure comfort. Wherever you decide to go for your babymoon, remember that it’s all about you. It’s about taking a chance to sit back and relax before you welcome your little one to the world, and life becomes a blur of night feeds and milestones. Being a parent is wonderful, and you deserve the chance to go into it feeling like you’re ready. A babymoon is perfect for that!