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Oct 12, 2018 | Cabin Crew

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This post provides details on becoming Qantas Cabin Crew.

Application process

To apply for a job as Qantas Cabin Crew, you need to submit an application on their careers website. This involves uploading a CV and answering some additional role-specific questions. If your application is successful and you’re shortlisted, you’ll be invited to an assessment that could involve an interview, psychometric testing, assessment, or in-tray exercises.

Their interviews are designed to get to know you better. You will also be asked questions to assess how you respond to or handle situations. They may ask for specific examples, such as how you overcame a problem.

Psychometric assessments may be used as an additional assessment method. This could include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning, and personality tests.

You are also required to pass a security check, which involves an employment reference and background check, before you can obtain a job with Qantas.

If you need help tailoring your resume to the needs of the airline, I have a Cabin Crew CV Template and a 1:1 Cabin Crew tuition and guidance to help you out!

Becoming Qantas Cabin Crew


If you’ve been successful in your application, you will take part in their full training program. This covers a range of topics such as customer service, aviation first aid, aircraft, and personal safety and emergency procedures. You will need to pass a number of written and practical components during the course of training.

There will be a number of safety procedures you’ll need to perform. Examples include lifting a 28kg aircraft window exit, and swimming and assisting people in the water.

Nervous about the training? I have it all covered in my Becoming Cabin Crew e-book.

Working life

As Qantas is a long-haul airline, you will be based in London and working on regular flights to Dubai and Australia.


On average, you will be set to earn just over £15,000. You will earn your basic pay, with trip allowances on top of this. You are also entitled to a set of staff benefits such as discounted flights!


Since you will be based in London, you’ll be expected to provide your own accommodation.

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