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10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

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Are you considering visiting the beaches on Lefkada? These beaches are not only beautiful, but they are also super interesting. In this article I will tell you what makes these beaches so interesting. Ready to learn more about the beaches on Lefkada? Read on…

Beaches on Lefkada – 10 Amazing Facts

Imagine waking up to the breathtaking sight of turquoise waters and lush green mountains, feeling like you’re in a little piece of heaven. The beaches of Lefkada are hard to beat, offering everything from big waves to shallow waters.

Lefkada, known as the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, boasts a plethora of exotic beaches and impressive cliffs. With a hovering bridge connecting it to the mainland, getting here is easy and quick by plane, making it the perfect destination for a beach holiday.

Every year, millions of people flock to witness the Caribbean of Greece, and Lefkada’s stunning beaches are a major draw. If you’re planning a trip to Greece, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of Lefkada’s beaches.

In this article, we’ve compiled surprising facts about the beaches of Lefkada to make your destination preferences easier. So, keep reading and get ready to soak up the sun on one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

Vassiliki was a fishing village but has now become a cosmopolitan resort. The place is 38 kilometres southwest of Lefkada town, and due to its ideal windsurfing and sailing conditions, the visitors enjoy many activities here.

Vassiliki Beach coast is free for everyone; you can embark on a pleasant boat excursion or enjoy kiteboarding with your family. Tourists can drive to Ponti and rent their helmet, sunglasses, and rescue coat from windsurfing clubs to enjoy an airy journey.

However, be mindful while having fun, as unique equipment and unpredictable environmental conditions can cause a mishap. Among the beaches on Lefkada, Vassiliki offers a view of great olive grooves. Moreover, the light fine pebbles don’t require you to wear special shoes.

In the afternoons, you can experience exciting stunts of kitesurfers or go kayaking while enjoying the succulent fish dishes at the same time. Sounds tempting, right? Also, Vassiliki offers various accommodations, bars, and cafes to experience the best of your trip here.

2. Mikros Gialos Beach – A Waveless & Quiet Bay

10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

Among the beaches on Lefkada, Mikros Gialos offers a picturesque landscape and is located nearby Poros village, 30 km South of the capital. The long pebbled beach is the ultimate spot for relaxation.

If you are seeking a waveless beach, Mikros Gialos would be perfect as it’s sheltered by two mountain cliffs providing a calm atmosphere – there are no worries of incoming waves crashing onto the shore. The beach’s calm and shallow waters are ideal for families with children who want to play safely or even take a leisurely swim.

As the name says, it never gets crowded and is quiet compared to the other beaches on Lefkada. You can take a moment to escape from the scorching sun and immerse yourself in nature, all while enjoying your favorite beverage.

This oasis of peace provides sunbeds, umbrellas, and camping sites. Visitors can enjoy the long and fearless swims in the calm waters of Mikros Gialos or try a kayaking tour. Paddle around the beautiful southeastern coastline and witness the wonders of nature.

The serene and relaxing vibe here is ideal for a romantic honeymoon trip. You can book a tour of Mikros Gialos and soak in each other’s company.

3. Porto Katsiki Beach – Known as the Goat Port

Porto Katsiki is 44 kilometers in the southwestern region of Lefkada below a concave cliff nearby Athani village. It is arguably one of the most well-known beaches on Lefkada. While many assume the name of the beach comes from its stunning rocky cliffs, it actually translates to “Goat Port.” As the name implies, formerly, only goats could reach here by climbing rock walls.

Legend has it that people once used goats to transport individuals up and down these breathtakingly tall cliffs on a staircase crafted from wild figs. Nowadays, you can reach the beach by car or even on foot if you’re feeling especially adventurous. Aside from its fascinating history, this sandy destination is also praised for being an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters.

Sadly, the 2015 earthquake washed away several beaches on Lefkada and disoriented their well-built structures, including Port Katsiki’s observation deck.

Travel magazines often term it a “symbol of the island” due to its idyllic landscape. A staircase of 100 steps is carved in cliff-top rocks leading to chalky white shores. So don’t forget to put on your aqua shoes and prepare for a long walk. During summer, it becomes jam-packed; hence, plan your trip accordingly to avoid any shortcomings.

4. Egremni Beach – Used to be Longest Beach

10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

Egremni Beach used to be one of the longest beaches in Greece, stretching for 2.5 kilometers. However, after the 2015 earthquake that hit the island of Lefkada, the beach suffered significant damage, and a large part of it was washed away.

This gleaming pebble beach can be accessed by both boat and car. With a width ranging from 20 to 50 meters, the beach is too vast to become overcrowded. However, it’s important to note that there are approximately 420 stairs leading down to Egremni Beach, which may not be suitable for those who are not physically fit. So be sure to bring your determination.

Despite the challenging walk, Egremni Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Lefkada, offering ample space for peace and solitude at its northern end. The limestone cliffs providing a breathtaking backdrop and clear milky-blue waters make it among the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada.

However, recent studies indicate that the Egremni Cliff is gradually reaching a state of equilibrium due to a lack of forestation. During sunset, the enormous rocks emit a red glow, creating a mystical atmosphere that is perfect for capturing stunning photos to share on Instagram.

5. Nidri Beach – The Most Organized and Lavish Beach

Among the many magnificent beaches on Lefkada, Nidri Beach stands out as the most organized and lavish beach experience. With perfectly manicured gardens adding a splash of color to the surrounding cliffs, plus convenient amenities like showers and chair rentals, it’s no wonder why Nidri Beach is so popular with tourists and locals alike.

Nidri Beach is famous for its activities for adults and children and is located on the eastern part of Lefkada, near Nidri village. The lavish lifestyle makes it a perfect spot for a family holiday with your loved ones.

Studios and apartments are situated near this beautiful sandy beach, giving it an edge over other beaches on Lefkada. You can sail into the historic Meganisi Island and view the ancient Papanikolis Island while enjoying a cruise buffet.

If you are seeking adventure, Nidri offers parasailing and jet skiing, as well as the prestige of the Blue Flag award. It is a well-known award for beaches that ensures an eco-friendly and secure environment for tourists. The beach is protected from the Western winds by its beautiful geographic location, while tall palm trees and crystal clear waters create a visual treat for visitors, including vibrant coral reefs.

The beach becomes quite busy during July and August due to pleasant weather. Tourists can enjoy authentic Greek meals at their favorite restaurants or sip on the local wine.

6. Nikiana Beach – Heaven of White Sand

10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

Nikiana is a small beach located 10 km from Lefkada town. With its powdery-white sand and mesmerizing crystal-clear waters, Nikiana Beach must have been what the ancient gods had in mind when they created their idea of paradise.

Nested within the cobalt lushness of the islands, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Lefkada. A stroll along the foothills of Mt Skaros Mountain will get you to this heavenly spot where you are surrounded by peaceful vibes and a sense of serenity that can’t be found anywhere else.

So, if the dazzling shades of white complemented by a breathtaking view give you that tingling sensation of vacation, head straight to Nikiana beach – it is definitely worth your while.

The white sand here makes it stand out among the other beaches on Lefkada. In addition, the azure waters surrounded by green hillsides of Lefkada Island attract many visitors.

You can visit the mountain villages of Alexandros and Kolyvata. From exploring hidden gems in white shorelines to cycling in shaded spots, Nikiana is the jack of all trades. The friendly Greek environment makes it a perfect destination to witness a dreamy holiday.

It has an unspoiled and calm environment; you also can find restaurants, villas, vineyards, and taverns here. You can make the most of your trip by interacting with friendly locals and listening to their sagas

7. Megali Petra Beach – Termed “The Big Rock”

10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

Megali Petra Beach, also known as “The Big Rock,” gets its name from the enormous rocks located on the coast. It is an extension of Kavalikefta and Kalamitsi Beach on the island of Lefkada.

While the beach has scattered gravel, it is not uncomfortable to walk on, and mineral collectors are often seen picking them up. The best part about Megali Petra is that it is accessible to everyone, with no entrance fee.

The beach is often referred to as “wild” due to its lack of infrastructure and unorganized setup. The untouched nature of Megali Petra is perfect for tourists looking to escape the noise of clubs and restaurants.

The clear turquoise waters allow for deep swimming, but visitors with children should be careful as the depth increases gradually. Moreover, the changing shades of water create a beautiful sea view that is worth seeing. Despite the windy weather, the waves are rarely high.

Compared to other beaches on Lefkada, Megali Petra is an excellent option for those looking for a more natural and unspoiled experience. It is an ideal place for eco-conscious travelers who want to explore an untouched beach.

8. Agiofili Beach – Has the Most Rich Seaworld

Agiofili Beach, located near the Vassiliki village and 40.5 km from Lefkada town, is a piece of heaven on earth. Its crystal-clear waters are mesmerizing, and the relatively calm waters make it ideal for snorkeling.

Divers can enjoy a feeling of seclusion as the sea world is abundant with various unique sea creatures like sea stars, sea turtles, and seals. You can easily catch a water taxi from Vassiliki to reach this paradise.

Swimming with colorful fish here is an unforgettable experience, and it feels like being in an aquarium. Families with children can also enjoy the shallow waters and build sandcastles. Also, Agiofili Beach has no natural shelter from trees, so sunbeds are rented during summer to save visitors from the scorching heat.

Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays that may cause photocarcinogenesis. Whether you seek adventure or a soothing atmosphere, Agiofili Beach is one of the best destinations to spend holidays.

9. Kathisma Beach – The Centre of Youth Entertainment

10 surprising facts about the beaches on Lefkada

If you’re looking for a hidden gem that’s still commercialized, then Kathisma Beach is the place for you. This stunning urban beach can be reached by bus, scooter, or car and is the most popular among young crowds compared to other beaches on Lefkada. It has countless bars and clubs where you can sip on iced coffees or fruit cocktails while enjoying famous music performances.

The journey to Kathisma Beach is breathtaking, thanks to the well-built road that provides stunning views. If you’re flying directly here, the nearest airport is Aktion Airport. Kathisma Beach is located 17 km south coast near Agios Nikitas and is ranked 13th out of 502 beaches in the Ionian Islands.

The beach parties here never seem to end, and the gorgeous scenery is sure to create an unforgettable experience for everyone. You can even escape from worldly stress and dance your heart out.

Among the beaches on Lefkada, Kathisma is a great spot for paragliding, allowing you to enjoy the beauty from above. Also, the beach has giant northeastern caves to explore, which offer unique swimming spots in the crystalline waters. Don’t forget to capture some great pictures here to cherish your memories.

10. Agios Ioannis – Has St.John’s Chapel on Rock Top

Agios Ioannis, also known as Ai Giannis Beach or Paralia Agios Ioannis, is a famous beach on Lefkada that offers charming blue-green waters and is located southwest of Mykonos Island.

At the end of the shore stands the church of Agios Ioannis Kastri, situated on top of a rock that provides impressive views of Skopelos. The beach’s most extensive and exposed part is in the North region.

The name Agios Ioannis means “Saint John of the Castle,” and the church has many tales attached to it. According to a historical legend, the Greek Orthodox church is responsible for healing the sickness of the head. The tiny whitewashed church gained fame after being featured in the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia” in 2007.

Thanks to its ideal wind conditions, Agios Ioannis is like heaven for kitesurfers and windsurfers. The beach’s golden sand and olive forests boast an exotic landscape that adds to its beauty.

Wrapping Up The Beaches of Lefkada

The beaches of Lefkada are a perfect destination for a trip, with lush green mountains, dazzling blue waters, and long golden sandy beaches. The western coast beaches are characterized by pine forests that stretch down to sandy beaches, creating a beautiful flora-filled landscape. Nature lovers will appreciate the commonly grown sea lilies, rosemary, thyme, and cypress trees.

Beach parties with warm tropical breezes and breathtaking sunsets are a must-do on the beaches on Lefkada. Enjoy a castaway experience with seafront taverns and water sports activities. Don’t hesitate to plan your dream vacation to the beaches on Lefkada, and pack your swimsuits and goggles for endless fun. You won’t regret it.

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