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10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

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The beaches of El Salvador are amazing! But what should you know about these beaches before you visit? Read on to find out…

Things You Should Know About The Beaches Of El Salvador

Have you been planning a vacation among the turquoise water and black sand beaches of El Salvador? If yes, read this article until the end to make the most of your beach vacation. As a beach paradise, El Salvador presents an opportunity to undertake amazing adventures.

If you have been planning to visit a tropical destination with the tastiest seafood, best waves, and spectacular views, then nothing could beat the beaches of El Salvador. So, before you pack your bags, look at some of the least-known facts about these stunning beaches below.

1. Beaches of El Salvador Have Unique Black Sand

Get ready to be surrounded by surreal black sand no matter which El Salvador beach you visit. Have you ever seen those black beaches in movies? Yes, they are real, and now you can also get there.

Okay, so you all must be thinking that black beaches are only for people who are interested in the gothic lifestyle. However, that is not the case at all. Instead, this glistening black sand on the beaches of El Salvador has resulted due to volcanic eruptions in the area.

If you have been on a short trip to El Salvador, the three black sand beaches you need to visit are; El Zonte, Playa Las Flores, and El Tunco. All these three beaches have plenty of water sports and restaurants you can relish.

The best part about these beaches is that they are quiet and less common among tourists. So this means you can enjoy quality time surrounded by nature without worrying about distractions. Moreover, plenty of hotels and resorts are along the coast, so you can easily decide where to stay.

10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

2. El Salvador Beaches Has Rich Marine Life

Among the many amazing things about El Salvador’s beaches is that they stretch 300 km along the Pacific Ocean. Due to its extremely lengthy coastline, it also boasts more than 45 beaches, making it an attractive place to vacation.

For those of you who want to experience natural coral reefs, then the beaches of El Salvador are an excellent option. Especially the Los Cobanos have some of the longest coral reefs in Central America, stretching 150 km long.

It provides a spectacular view of marine life and its surrounding areas. Los Cobanos is one of the beaches of El Salvador where you can find dolphins swimming in the freshwater. If you ever visit this beach, remember to say hello to the cute dolphins there.

For spotting crocodiles, visitors can head towards the Barra De Santiago beach. Bahia De Jiquilisco is another Salvadorian beach whose marine life is worth exploring. Here you would also come across floating restaurants in the middle of the water, allowing you to enjoy your drinks along with the fishes.

There are several fishing villages across every coastline that, while providing delicious food, also allows visitors to explore the underwater wildlife.

3. Surfing Paradise Awaits at El Salvador’s Beaches

10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

Due to the vast coastline and lively waves, the beaches of El Salvador are well known for watersports, especially surfing. There is rarely a beach here that won’t be offering you surfing. Almost every beach allows visitors to surf along the waves with the gear present right on the spot.

Because the region receives powerful waves from the southern hemisphere, resulting in consistent surf throughout the year. Plus, the climate on these beaches is tropical all year except in the middle of April and May.

Even then, the water is warm, and the waves are high, helping surfers make the most of their adventurous trip. If you are an expert-level surfer and want some adrenaline rush, try visiting El Salvador’s beaches on the west.

Here you will come across some popular surf spots like La Libertad, Playa El Tunco, Playa El Sunzal, and Playa El Zonte. Especially El Tunco Beach is considered the surfing capital. And if you are not an expert surfer, worry not, as the waves on all of the beaches of El Salvador are pretty easy to tackle, even for beginners. 

4. Beaches of El Salvador Have a Laid-Back Environment

We would often like to spend some quiet time at the beach away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. On a beach vacation, you wouldn’t expect this to happen since there are a lot of visitors.

But when you visit El Salvador’s beaches, your dream can come true. The beaches of El Salvador are rare among tourists, like other beaches in the world. Because of this reason, the beaches have a calm and laid-back environment.

For visitors who want a secluded beach experience, Playa El Zonte is a perfect beach vacation spot. And if you have got little ones with you on your trip, this is the safest beach for them to make sand castles and dive into the shoreline.

El Cuco is another El Salvador beach if you are among those visitors who prefer to avoid action. This beach has a calm coastline, and the good part is that the waves aren’t as lively as on the other beaches. Here you can have your feet soaked in the black sand and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves. Remember that these beaches are not suitable for surfing in any way.

5. El Salvador Beaches Offer Delicious Food 

10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

The beaches of El Salvador offer delicious food with a wide variety of fresh seafood. Because of its iconic location on the Pacific Ocean coast, all the restaurants alongside the beaches have a daily supply of freshwater seafood.

A visit to these coasts isn’t complete without trying the delicious, high-quality coffee. Many beachside cafes serve rich coffee as you enjoy the picturesque scenery while relaxing. And the most amazing thing about these restaurants is that they have this cozy ambiance without costing much. However, you can expect these prices to rise during the peak seasons.

Despite serving an array of delectable dishes, the bill at the end of your meal won’t break the bank. Additionally, the locals are hospitable and will surely greet you with a smile no matter what.

To have an extraordinary experience, you can also check out the vendor huts at Playa El Cuco. Or you can head to Mahahual Beach to have your taste buds test some mouthwatering local food along the black sand.

6. Every El Salvador Beach has Lush Forests & Mangroves

The beaches of El Salvador have beautiful coastlines lined with mangroves and lush forests. It would be rare to find a beach that is not known to have greenery. For this reason, El Salvador beaches are well-loved by water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Costa del Sol is one of the ultimate El Salvador beaches where visitors can see unreal mangrove forests. Visitors can also make their trips memorable by arranging boat trips to admire these mangroves from close.

For additional adventure, we recommend discovering the hidden caves at Playa de Las Flores beach when the waves are low. At this location, tourists can find a magical window to the sea hidden between the greenery.

Shalpa is another black sand beach surrounded by lush green dramatic cliffs. This beach is heaven for those who love hiking and want to end their day beside a natural pool. Oh, and also, the palm trees are definitely worth capturing!

7. Beaches of El Salvador have Only Two Seasons

10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

There are two seasons during the year on the beaches of El Salvador; one is the summer, and the other is the monsoon. Most beaches are known to have hot sunny weather regardless of the time of the year.

However, El Salvador has an advantage over the usual beaches because it receives rainfall from May to October. Beaches like El Tunco, La Libertad, and La Costa del Sol benefit from heavy downpours by arranging thrilling surfing programs.

But if you want to make the most of your trip, we suggest traveling there in the dry season. December and February are usually sunny, making this a season to delight anyone who prefers bright days.

Dry seasons at these beaches will let you enjoy the trails through the green rainforests of the El Salvador beaches. The Barra de Santiago Trail is a must-try hiking spot when the weather is dry. This trail passes through a lush green mangrove forest and ends at a stunning secluded beach.

8. Plenty of Watersports to Choose From

10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

Surfing isn’t the only watersport you can enjoy on the beaches of El Salvador. When visiting these beaches, you can participate in many thrilling sports. Almost every beach in the region offers a unique recreational water activity to pump up your adrenaline levels.

Barra De Santiago is one of the famous beaches for watersports like kayaking, stand-up paddling, and sailing. The water at this beach is calm and has dozens of dolphins, giving this beach a magical ambiance.

If you are more into swimming, try giving a shot at visiting El Majahual Beach. On this beach, the pressure of waves is tranquil, allowing visitors to soak their feet in pristine golden sand water. Snorkeling at this beach will help you explore the underwater world of colorful tiny fishes, turtles, and much more.

Playa San Diego is another El Salvador beach where you can swim your heart out. The waves on this beach are gentle and relatively small, which makes it best suited for swimming. Additionally, this beach is well-secluded, making it a favorite spot for visitors who prefer to avoid distractions while vacationing.

9. Every El Salvador Beach Has a Vibrant Nightlife

Nightlife on the beaches of El Salvador is full of life. As the sun goes down, you will be ready to spot the world of glitz and glamor all around the beaches. The good part is that plenty of options are available for every visitor.

El Tunco is one of the best El Salvador beaches to spend the night dancing away by the beach. In addition to tourists and visitors, locals are also out and about, making everything more fun. Even if someone is not a party person, he will surely fall in love with the sparkling nightlife of El Tunco.

La Costa del Sol Beach is another beach with a dynamic coastline. The bars and clubs on this coast have a more calm and more relaxed nighttime atmosphere. Ultimately due to its laid-back ambiance, it is a popular destination among couples and families.

Lastly, El Zonte Beach is a fantastic place to enjoy live music and party. Its shoreline has plenty of tiny bars providing a perfect night-out atmosphere. At night, this beach is ideal for socializing around the fire pits.

10. El Salvador Beaches Are Full of Nature

10 things you should know about the beaches of El Salvador

When discussing beaches, all we can think of is sand, water, and green trees. However, the beaches of El Salvador are not like any other beaches in the world. These beaches are the epitome of nature with lush vegetation.

The coastal line on El Salvador’s beaches is full of a variety of plant species, including coconut palms, green mangroves, and grape trees. One wonderful thing about these trees is that they provide beauty to the surrounding area and a cool shade to the beachgoers.

One natural reservoir you can find along the La Libertad coastline is the Walter Thilo Deininger National Park. Here visitors can explore rare wildlife species and try out thrilling activities like zip lining, trekking, and an art center for peace.

Another natural park full of nature is the El Imposible National Park. Located near the coast, this park is home to various endangered species of plants and animals. Indeed the beaches of El Salvador aren’t just for relaxing and surfing in the sun but are also a place to explore the wonders of nature.

Summing Up

The beaches of El Salvador have plenty of exciting opportunities for its visitors. Hopefully, now you are stocked with the right information to enjoy your beach vacation to the fullest. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and summer clothes.

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