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39 Brilliant Bali Facts That You Probably Don’t Know

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There are so many brilliant Bali facts that I can’t wait to share with you. After making several trips to this spectacular island I have come to love Bali and so will you once you have learnt more about it in this article!

No island has travellers quite like Bali. To let you know more about Bali, let us hook you up with some of the best facts about the Indonesian province. With the finest beaches, historic temples, and scenery that makes travellers fall in love with it; Bali is like no other place. It is where everyone gets something to enjoy and cherish. Below, I have identified several facts about Bali that you probably didn’t know. Ready to learn more Bali facts? Read on…

39 Brilliant Bali facts

Bali has some of the most beautiful sights in the world. The nature and hospitable community are more reasons for you to visit this place. Let’s uncover some hidden Bali facts about this special place!

Bali facts

1. Bali and Four Islands

Here is the first of my Bali facts- Bali refers to the island whenever it comes up but it is also the name of one of Indonesia’s 31 provinces. The Bali province includes the main island and three small ones which are Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

2.  Hot Climate

Being a tropical destination, Bali has a lot of rain. Despite that, it remains dry most of the year with the heat and humidity never going away. Especially near the coast. Throughout the year the average temperature is in the 80s. I love the warm weather, so this is definitely one of my favourite Bali facts.

3.  Bali is Quite Small

Bali has a well-known reputation around the globe although it is very small in size. At just 2,232 miles Bali is smaller than the American state of Delaware. Accounting for the province’s other three islands doesn’t add much either, since the largest island, Nusa Penida, is only 80 square miles.

4.  High Population

Over 4 million people currently live in Bali. Indonesia has more than 18,000 islands in the entire country and Bali has the sixth highest population out of all of these.

5.  Active Volcanoes

Mount Batur and Agung are active volcanoes in northeastern Bali. The former erupted back in 2000 but that doesn’t stop tourists from climbing to its crater which is one of the to-do things in Bali. Agung is far more frequent in its eruptions and several of them took place between 2017 and 2019. You can hike up to these mountains when you visit- this is one of the most fun Bali facts!

6. National Park

West Bali National Park which is also known as Taman Nasional Bali Bara is Bali’s, National Park. It is found on the island’s far northwest tip. It is 93 square miles in size and it contains mangroves, forest, savannah, and beaches as well as the small island of Menjangan.

7.  UNESCO World Heritage Site

Bali’s UNESCO World Heritage Site is a cultural landscape that combines works of nature and humankind. It also expresses a long and intimate relationship between the people of Indonesia and their natural environment. This landscape is a water management system that is known as subak, dating back to the ninth century.

Bali facts

8.  Bali’s Art

Bali’s art is of high praise all over the world. Architecture and ornate temples give you the idea that this is a place that is rich in artistic tradition. You will have Balinese-style theater, opera, painting, woodcarving, batik, and much more to entertain yourself. We can’t praise it enough!

9.  Hindu Dominance

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country but 85% of Balinese people are Hindu. This is because the entire country was once a Hindu majority. When Islam spread around the 15th century, many Hindus from other parts of the world came to Bali. Ever since then, Hinduism is the leading faith in this part. This is one of the most important Bali facts.

10. Tri Hita Karana

The Balinese greeting is beautiful in its entirety. While Hawaii has aloha, India has Namaste, similarly, Bali’s most common greeting is Tri Hita Karana. This phrase translates to “three causes of well-being”. Tri Hita Karana means harmony with God, harmony with nature, and harmony with the community.

11.  Daily Offerings

The Balinese make daily offerings which are also known as canang sari. This offering includes tiny woven baskets which are made of coconut leaves and filled with flowers, snacks, and burning incense. Most businesses in Bali place a canang sari at the entrance every morning. Families also place several offerings around the house.

12. Language

The most common language spoken in Indonesia is “Bahasa Indonesia” but Balinese is another leading language in Bali. People in Bali generally learn Balinese as their first language but many residents have begun to speak Bahasa Indonesia daily. Many people find it difficult to differentiate between the two but learning either of the languages can help.

13. Balinese Calendars

Bali has two calendars that its people follow. The Gregorian calendar is the more common one in Bali but like many societies, it also has a lunar-based calendar. The lunar year also has 12 months but each starts the day after the new moon. It is 78 years behind the Gregorian calendar which currently makes it 1943 in Bali. So is it 2022 or 1943 in Bali? I think that this is one of the most interesting Bali facts- do you agree?

Bali facts

14. North Bali Might Be Centrally Positioned

Many people consider Mt. Agung to be sacred. It is so sacred that several people align themselves more with the volcano than with the cardinal directions. So “north” sometimes means “towards Mt. Agung” even if it might be to your south.

15. Balinese New Year

Balinese New Year is an important event you should know about if you’re visiting Bali in March. The locals celebrate New Year in a very surprising fashion. It is known as Nyepi which is set according to the lunar calendar and falls right after the new moon in March. It is a day of silence, solitude, and reflection with no business or workplace activity.

16.  Thursdays are Traditional

Thursday is a traditional day in Bali. Meaning that everyone wears traditional attire on this day. This rule was set by the governor which requires people to wear traditional clothing and speak only Balinese on Thursdays to preserve the island’s heritage. This is another of the most interesting Bali facts.

17.  Families Usually Have Four Children

The Balinese traditionally had four children, and there are four common names: Wayan, Made, Niyoman, and Ketut in order. Those with bigger families would start over again, naming the fifth child Wayan and so on. 

18. World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Bali has some of the most expensive coffee in the world. Here, a cat-like critter called Luwak eats coffee cherries and excretes them at which point they are collected and then roasted, ground, and brewed. Its final form is known as kopi luwak and a cup of it can cost you around $40 or more.

19. Millions of Tourists

Over 6 million tourists visit Bali every year. The jobs, businesses, and overall dependence tourism has created in Bali cannot be overlooked. But overloading people on such a small island can also end up creating an environmental disaster. Ultimately, water shortages and land destruction are common in Bali. This article will teach you more about this impacts of overtourism in Bali and elsewhere.

20. 10 New Bali’s

The government of Indonesia wants to ease the pressure on Bali’s tourism industry which is why there are plans to develop tourist spots on ten other islands of Bali. These islands will be known as ten new Balis which will be more accessible and marketing for them has already begun. As a tourism professional, this is one of the most interesting facts about Bali for me!

21. October to April is All Rainy

Bali is hot and humid throughout the year with two distinct seasons: rainy and dry. Tourists usually visit Bali during this time but the dry season of May to September is much busier. The wet season of October to April means fewer crowds, lower prices, and lush landscapes.

Bali facts

22. Affordable Hotels, Transportation, and Activities

The accommodation and transportation prices in Bali are something tourists appreciate. Mainly because they’re so reasonable. Hotels have to lower their prices to stay competitive. They then sell other services to make up for the cost. This is one of the major facts about Bali for budget travellers.

23. Taxi Mafia vs Ride-Sharing Apps 

Bali’s taxi mafia is quite a problem. In the sense that they are always at a fierce battle with ride-sharing apps since these apps lower their number of passengers. There have been incidents involving cab drivers who haven’t picked up passengers in certain areas and also several stories of taxi drivers physically assaulting ride-sharing drivers.

24. Strict Drug Laws

Travelers and tourists need to be aware that Bali has some of the strictest drug regulations in the world. Drugs aren’t something to mess around with when a person is traveling internationally and Bali makes sure of this. Never mind heroin or cocaine, even medical marijuana and ayahuasca are strictly illegal.

25. Abundance of Vegetarian Food

Being a vegetarian in Bali is light work. Particularly since veg-based food is super easy to find. Veggie burgers, fresh smoothie bowls, and several plant-based meals are easily available in towns like Ubud and Canggu.

26. Bali and Monkeys

The monkeys of Bali are known to be some of the most aggressive creatures there. They are certainly not fun and friendly. So you need to keep some important things in mind while visiting Ubud’s Sacred Monkey Forest. Keep your belongings close to your body and keep your bags closed at all times, especially if you’re carrying food with you.

Bali facts

27. Budget-Friendly Destination 

Bali is one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the world. While there are plenty of high-profile places to visit here, Bali will be light on your wallet. Guesthouses are as low as $10 to $15 per night while local meals are $4 to $5 for one time. A full day of diving in Bali will cost you about $60. That’s reasonable enough, right?

28. Om swastiastu means Hello

To say “Hello” in Balinese, you will need to say “Om swastiastu”. “Om” (yes, like might be chanted in a yoga class) is a sacred sound in Hinduism, and “swastiastu” comes from two Sanskrit words meaning safety/well-being and hope.

29. Swimming with Manta Rays

In Bali, you can even dive and swim with Manta Rays in the deep blue sea. The Manta Ray is a breathtaking creature that you can see in many places around Nusa Islands. Right near to the popular Broken Beach on Nusa Penida. From this coastline, you can see the Manta rays swimming below you.

30. Resting Place of David Bowie

David Bowie was a great admirer of Indonesia and Bali in particular. He visited Bali several times and in his will, he asked that his family should bring his ashes back to Bali. A legendary singer by every right, Bali was close to his heart.

31.  Retired Passenger Plane on Bali Cliff

Bali has placed a retired Boeing 737 on top of a cliff to attract more tourists. The plane’s owner since then has planned on converting it into a tourist spot to revive the area’s tourism. 

32. Dogs of Bali

The people of Bali love dogs. There are thousands of dogs in Bali and all of them are taken care of very well. Even along Kuta Beach, some dogs simply live on the beach. They are fed and looked after by the beach workers that ply their trade up and down the beach. In villages, families look after stray dogs.

Bali facts

33. Kite Flying

Kite flying is a part of Balinese culture. People would fly kites over rice paddies and fields to ask God to bless their harvest. Moreover, a lot of detailing goes into these kites too. These kites are larger and more colorful than usual kites.

34. Black Sand Beaches

Bali has several black sand beaches. This is due to volcanic eruptions that have taken place over the years. If you visit a beach that is close to Mount Agung, you will find beaches that are pitch black in their entirety.This is one of the most unusual facts about Bali!

35. Babies Tag Along Everywhere

Babies are considered to be angels in Bali who are protected by spirits. Therefore, people take babies everywhere for the first few months after a child is born. The Baby’s feet not touching the ground keeps the “protection” intact.

36. Leopards and Tigers

Bali used to have leopards and tigers but both these species went extinct in the early 20th century. The is one of the most unfortunate facts about Bali, for sure.

37. Bat Cave Temple

Pura Goa Lawah which translates to Bat Cave Temple is home to thousands of bats. Locals believe that the cave contains a river of healing water and a snake with a huge crown.

38. Puppetry

Bali is famous for its gamelan music which is also common in Java. The music is usually accompanied by traditional puppet theater performances known as wayang.

39. Traditional Clothing

Here is the last of my Bali facts- Traditional Balinese clothing for women is a kebaya (thin long-sleeved top), Prada, and kamben (sarong). Whereas for men it is a kamben, buttoned shirt, and a cloth headdress.

Bali facts- further reading

These are some incredible Bali facts that you probably didn’t know. Its islands, volcanoes, tourist attractions, and nature are enough reasons for you to get off your seat and book a ticket to Bali. Here’s to a trip you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Do you have any interesting Bali facts that you would like to share? Share your Bali facts in the comments below!

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