Aviation Management Research Project Examples

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In my recent post ‘how to get inspiration for your research project topic’ I gave lots of tips on way to think of a great research project idea that suits you. In this post I will give you some aviation management research project examples to give you some guidance on what makes a suitable research project topic.

Aviation Management Research Project Examples

Remember, you can use a hypothesis or a research question, you will find examples of both below. Visit this post for more on the difference between a research question and a hypothesis.

Aviation Management Research Project Examples- The character of competition between low cost carriers and scheduled airlines and the way that this has influenced market change.

  1. What are some of the effective techniques when it comes to motivating employees who work in the airline industry?
  2. What is the passenger impact of the adaptation made to British Airways’ business model?
  3. How can airlines capitalise on the concept of dynamic packaging?
  4. An in-depth analysis on the air traffic increase in the Asia-Pacific region and its’ impact on regional airport development.
  5. How does scheduling travel for medical tourists greatly vary from the normal tourist requirements?
  6. Corporate responsibility: Advantages to consumers and airlines.
  7. What has been the significance of the use of mobile apps on the airline travel industry?
  8. The accountability of the airline industry in terms of raising awareness and making high quality carbon offsetting.
  9. The environmental impacts of the proposed third runway at London Heathrow.
  10. How does a recession greatly affect the airline industry?
  11. Selfless or selfish: What are the motivations for airlines using carbon offsetting?
  12. Is passenger security compromised as a result of less developed airports in Western Africa?
  13. What are tourists’ expectations in terms of low-priced hotels when travelling?
  14. What role do influencers play in aviation marketing?
  15. What are the impacts of increased baggage charges by Ryan Air?
  16. Airline impacts on climate and how the industry is responding to this issue.
  17. The ethical concerns in the airline industry: A Case Study of Wheelchair Passengers travelling in Europe.
  18. A cost analysis of onboard refreshments provided by budget carriers.
  19. Passenger willingness to fly on automated aircraft.
  20. Are South Asian low cost carrier terminals profitable and viable?
  21. The impact of the new security measures of the airline industry in Mumbai Airport: An economical aspect.
  22. Supply and demand: To what extent can budget carriers raise their prices before they lose passengers?
  23. The impact of Brexit on the UK aviation industry.
  24. Do airport costs influence the course of developing new air routes?
  25. How does the sector length influence the design of new routes for low cost carriers?
  26. What is the preferred A380 configuration amongst business travellers?
  27. The connection of the BRU airport to the High Speed Train network: a boon or a bane to be?
  28. How does delayed aircraft delivery influence big airlines networks?
  29. EASA vs. FAA: a comparative study.
  30. New European AOC: building perspectives.
  31. Regional airports: a waste of money or an investment into the future?
  32. An investigation into the possibility of attracting international scheduled passenger liners to regional airports.
  33. Is low cost carrier flagging harmed or helped by the open-skies principle?
  34. How do Cabin Crew influence damage control in a customer service context?
  35. Pilot fatigue: Impacts on safety.
  36. Why are male pilots more likely to be promoted to senior positions than female pilots?
  37. The impact of automation on the airport experience.
  38. The use of augmented reality in airports.
  39. The impact of unbundling on scheduled airlines.

Things to remember when choosing your aviation management research project topic

Whilst you might like the sound of some of the aviation management research project examples given above, remember that they might not always be feasible. Here are a list of things to consider:

  • Can I gain access to the respondents that I will need?
  • Can I complete this research project given the word count?
  • Can I complete this research project given the time-frame?
  • Is this research project realistic in terms of access (i.e. if you need to travel to a particular destination, is this possible?)
  • Am I able to develop a conceptual framework to form a literature review?
  • Is this a topic that is worthy of investigation?

For more guidance on writing your research project you might be interested in my posts how to write awesome aims and objectives and the difference between a research question and a hypothesis. Research Topic Help are also a pretty useful website that you might want to check out. I also recommend that you use some of the excellent research methods books available to you- I recommend Social Research Methods by Bryman and Research Methodology: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners by Kumar.

Do you have any good aviation management research project examples? I’d love to hear them- drop them in the comments box below!



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