Airport codes: the basics

Sep 12, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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As Cabin Crew you’re required to learn the different airport codes for airports across the world. As discussed in my postThe basics of aviation terminology Cabin Crew are required to learn a range of new terms and codes, such as the different Passenger codes discussed in my postPassenger codes: the basics’.

It is also important for you to understand the different Airport Codes. After all, you need to understand where you are flying to when you receive your roster!

Examples of Airport Codes:

Here are some examples of airport codes you are likely to come across. (Although there are still many more!)

UK airport codes

LHR – London Heathrow

LGW – London Gatwick

LTN – London Luton

STN – London Stansted

MAN – Manchester

GLA – Glasgow 

European Airport Codes

AMS – Amsterdam

CDG – Paris Charles De Gaulle

MUC – Munich

BCN – Barcelona

PRG – Prague

HEL – Helsinki

NCE – Nice

HAM – Hamburg

ATH – Athens

RKV – Reykjavik

FCO – Rome

OSL – Oslo

KRK – Krakow

WAW – Warsaw

FAO – Faro

Other international Airport Codes

IST – Istanbul

BNK – Bangkok

HKG – Hong Kong

KUL – Kula Lumpa

SIN – Singapore

BOM – Mumbai

DEL – Delhi

CAI – Cairo

CPT – Cape Town

LOS – Lagos

SYD – Sydney

MEL – Melbourne

CHC – Christchurch

BAI – Buenos Aires

GIG – Rio De Janeiro

MEX – Mexico City

JFK – New York JFK

SFO – San Fransisco

LAS – Las Vegas

LAX – LOS Angeles

YOW – Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier

DEN – Denver

NRT – Tokyo Narita

PEK – Beijing

DXB – Dubai

As you can see there are loads of different airport codes that Cabin Crew need to know – these don’t cover them all! Some codes are more straightforward than others. For example, you can probably guess that AMS refers to Amsterdam. However, others are harder to work out – you might have no clue that FCO refers to Rome. It’s important that Cabin Crew have an understanding of most airport codes, especially those that their airline flys to as they will be used on their roster.  

Airline Codes

Along with Airport Codes, you will also have to recognise the codes associated with different airlines. You can use airline codes to identify the airline operating the flight. 

Some examples include:

BA – British Airways

VS – Virgin Atlantic

EZY – easyJet

FR – Ryanair

EK – Emirates

AA – American Airlines

IB – Iberia

SQ – Singapore Airlines

SR – Swiss Air

TG – Thai Airways 

QF – Qantas

AY – Finnair

AF – Air France

SA – South African Airways

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Have there been any airport codes you never knew the meaning of? I’d love to hear from you, please leave your comments in the box below!


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