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Sex tourism in The Gambia: What, where and why

The Gambia is famous for its golden sand beaches, its wildlife and ecotourism scene and its female sex tourism. Sex tourism in The Gambia has hit headlines on many occasions in recent years, with stories of middle-aged Western women in search of long-term love,...

Female sex tourism. What does it mean and where does it happen?

Female sex tourism is a concept that many people have either never heard of or know little about. But the female sex tourism industry is actually bigger than most people realise. From the Caribbean, to Spain, to the Gambia, women are travelling to destinations around the globe to partake in sex tourism activities. In this article I will teach you a about female sex tourism. I will explain what...

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The top sex tourism countries in the world

Sex tourism countries. We typically either don't visit them or don't speak of them. The sex tourism industry is one that many people hide away from. We don't want to speak of it and we many do not admit that they may be classified a 'sex tourist'. But the reality is, sex tourism is BIG business. Sex tourism bring in huge revenues in many countries. It lifts people out of poverty. It provides...

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Sex tourism in Thailand: What where and why

Sex tourism is something that happens around the world. A potentially unfortunate byproduct of the tourism industry as a whole, it’s particularly prevalent in Thailand. In this post I will delve into the what, where and why of sex tourism in Thailand. The scale of sex tourism in Thailand A major part of sex tourism is prostitution. This has been common in Thailand for centuries - as far back as...

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Sex tourism explained: What, why and where

Sex tourism is not a new concept. In fact, sex tourism has been around probably as long as tourism has. The problem is that it is difficult to identify, measure or manage due to it being 'hush hush' in many, if not most, instances.  Whether legal or illegal, many people do not wish to discuss their sex lives, particularly if this involves acts or behaviours that friends, family or...

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The best sex museums in the world | Understanding tourism

Whilst some people may avoid them like the plague, other people are curious about what the best sex museums in the world have to offer. From popular honeymoon days out in South Korea, to artefacts about sex through the different ares in Amsterdam, there are many popular sex museums around the world. In this article I will tell you what a sex museum is and I will tell you about the best sex...

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What is an eco lodge? | Understanding tourism

Staying in an eco lodge is a great way to have an authentically sustainable tourism experience. Found all around the world, eco lodges facilitate environmentally friendly travel and offer tourists a unique experience. But what actually is an eco lodge? Read on to find out... What is an eco lodge? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Eco lodges are a type of hotel found in many places around the world, but...

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Sustainable/responsible tourism

 sustainable/ responsible tourism resourcesGeography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Travel and tourism is inherently linked with both human and physical geography, which is embedded within the majority of tourism curriculums. 

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Volunteer tourism: Everything you need to know

Volunteer tourism is a growing industry. A type of niche tourism, it attracts people who want to gain valuable experience, 'do something good' or enhance their CV. But what exactly does volunteer tourism entail? The volunteer tourism industry has been substantially researched and critiqued in recent years by tourism industry stakeholders and researchers (including myself). Whilst it can be a...

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Ethical tourism: Everything you need to know

Ethical tourism is on everyone's mind these days. Over the past decade or two, people have become far more conscious of their actions. Whether it's by turning off the lights when we leave the room, recycling our empty cereal box, not riding elephants in Thailand or eating at local restaurants in Costa Rica, there are many ways that we can be ethical tourists. However, whilst you might read...

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What is a motel? | Understanding tourism

What is a motel? Well, if you are from the USA then you probably know the answer to this question, because the USA has lots of motels! However, if you reside elsewhere in the world, you may not be so familiar with the concept. So, in this article I will tell you all about what is a motel and give you an overview of the motel industry. What is a motel? Photo by Tim Mossholder on Motels...

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Spring vacation: What is it + why do we have it?

Spring vacation, also known as spring break, is a popular phenomenon in the USA. But for those of us who are based elsewhere in the world, it is often an unknown concept. In fact, for many of us, it is something that we see only in the movies or on our favourite TV...

10 must-see Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK

There are many must-see Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. Whether you are exploring the UK from overseas or looking for the perfect staycation, there are plenty of rural tourism destinations to keep you busy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In this...

The shocking truth about elephant riding in Thailand

Elephant riding in Thailand has become somewhat controversial in recent years. When I first went backpacking back in 2011 it was a right of passage to climb onto an elephant's back and to be paraded along the street. But nowadays, things are very different. Society...