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35 spectacular things Spain is known for

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There are many things that Spain is known for, from paella to bullfighting to the famous landmarks in Spain. But what tops the list for the things Spain is known for? Read on to find out…

Famous Things Spain Is Known For

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

From the beaches of Barcelona to the ancient architecture of Granada, this diverse country offers so much to explore. There are several things Spain is known for which make it a popular tourist destination! No trip to Spain would be complete without trying some delicious Spanish food and wine.

As with other countries, Spain has a vibrant nightlife scene. Madrid, the capital, is known for its bars and pubs, while coastal towns like San Sebastian are known for their laid-back atmosphere, which includes live music venues and beachside cafes. No matter your taste, Spain has bars and clubs for you to choose from.

Check out these 35 fascinating things about Spain that you shouldn’t miss on your next trip!

Spanish Food and Drinks to Try

Spain is known for its delicious food. But which food in particularly? Lets take a look.

1. Tortillas

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

A traditional Spanish omelet contains only eggs, potatoes, and chorizo, but you can add peppers, onions, and chorizo. The potatoes are diced and briefly fried before being combined with the egg mixture and fried on high heat; the most challenging part is flipping the tortilla. You will end up with gooey, partially-cooked tortillas if you follow the instructions correctly.

2. Croquetas

A croquette is another common tapas delicacy; it’s a tube of bechamel sauce coated in breadcrumbs. The best way to eat salt fish and ham croquettes are to drink a cold beer and eat them at a tapas bar, one of the many great things Spain is known for.

3. Albondigas

Spanish tapas, such as albondigas, or meatballs in tomato sauce, is famous throughout the country. As an alternative to the tomatoes, the meatballs can also be served with an almond sauce.

4. Paella Valenciana

The two forms of genuine paella in Valencia are the Paella Valenciana, which consists of chicken and rabbit, and seafood paella. A delicious black crust or socarrat is formed by crisping the rice with saffron and is generally eaten during lunch.

5. Churros

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

It is a popular snack made of fried dough pastry that is cut into sausage shapes and dusted with sugar, known as “churros.” Street vendors often offer them at fiestas or street parties. It is almost impossible to avoid dipping them in hot, melted chocolate.

6. Drinks and Alcohol

There has always been a stigma attached to Spain regarding its beverages. Among the top things Spain is known for are evening glasses of wine, occasional sherry, and, of course, sangria, the perfect summer drink to cool you off.

The culture in Spain revolves around drinking and bar-hopping, so everyone is fine with it. It is the world’s third-largest wine producer and wine tourism is popular here too.

7. Tapas

It is simply not possible for a Spaniard to survive without the culture of going out to bars. Evenings are for socializing with friends over drinks, whether you live in a city or a village.

Tapas are small plates or appetizers served with beverages. The favorite things Spain is known for are chorizo, olives, calamari, and bravas potatoes. Spanish and Latin American countries are the only countries that practice tapas culture, and some tapas are particularly good with certain beverages.

8. Leche Frita

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

Fry milk? It might seem impossible to you. Leche Frita is a common dessert made from milk, egg yolks, and flour. Before it is breaded and fried, it is allowed to cool and firm up. It is available in both hot and cold forms.

9. Sangria

Spain’s favorite drink is sangria, which is most commonly made from Rioja wine. This drink is basically a wine cocktail as it contains wine, fruit, sweetener, liqueur, and a non-alcoholic mixer.

A red wine base is typically used for sangria; however, white or rosé wines can also be used. Sangria derives from the Spanish word sangre, meaning “blood.” Sangria is one of the most famous things Spain is known for around the world.

10. Patatas Bravas

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

There is a Spanish cuisine that consists of small meals known as tapas. Patatas bravas, or “brave potatoes,” are among the most common tapas. They are named after the spicy sauce, which is unusual in a country that normally avoids spicy foods.

Various sauces, including garlic mayonnaise and pimiento (smoked paprika), can be used to make the sauce. There is a theory that the better the bravas get, the dirtier the bar.

Spain’s Culture, Traditions, and History

One of the biggest things Spain is known for its its its culture and traditions. Here are some of the most well-known.

1. People

The Spanish population are often warm and welcoming to visitors from other countries and to one another. Families in Spain are friendly and energetic, and social gatherings are usually well attended (sometimes even loudly).

The elderly often play checkers on the sidewalks of villages, and extended families get together to chat on weekends.

The Spanish are hospitable, warm, and friendly to teens as they spend their free time at athletic events, movies, or simply hanging out in cafes with friends.

2. Religion

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

In Spain, Catholics make up the majority of the population, but currently, the percentage is slightly over 60%. Atheists and non-believers are growing in numbers, while for Spaniards, religion is extremely important to them.

While the number of religious Spaniards has declined, the general public still values and enjoys Catholic traditions and holidays. No matter where you go in Spain, you’ll see churches, ceremonial attire, and religious processions and religious tourism is a significant industry here.

Other religions besides Catholicism are also practiced in Spain but only by a small percentage of the population.

3. Flamenco

A Spanish culture based on art is deeply rooted in dancing, especially Flamenco. Flamenco, which has its birthplace in Andalusia, is a very challenging dancing style.

It has four primary components: palmas (handclaps), cante (singing), baile (dancing), and toque (guitar playing). Flamenco dancing requires the masterful mixing of all these elements into one exquisite performance.

4. La Tomatina

Spain has a number of festivals, but La Tomatina is one of the most recognisable and enjoyable things Spain is known for. Each year, the festival of La Tomatina is held in Bunyol, Valencia, Spain. It lasts for one hour and a half.

This is a fun fiesta that attracts large crowds of people eager to laugh and have a good time throwing tomatoes at each other solely to enjoy themselves and is one of the biggest events in Spain.

It is held on the last Wednesday of August every year. It utilizes tomatoes of poor quality that are unfit for food; they are grown specifically for the festival. Overall, the experience is unique and different, despite the rules the players have to follow.

5. Spanish Siesta

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

There is one thing that clearly defines Spaniards, the siesta. A siesta is a short nap in the early afternoon after lunch. In countries with warm climates, such as Spain, this is a common practice.

It is an interesting aspect of Spanish history that some smaller shops close during the afternoon for a nap. Taking the train or driving during a siesta is usually recommended because traffic is lighter at this time.

6. Etiquette

When you enter a store or other establishment, you should greet everyone you meet. It is common for new people to be greeted with a handshake, while friends are generally greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

Nevertheless, no matter what kind of welcome you receive, you should always be polite. Even though it’s important to arrive on time for social occasions, it’s usually okay to be late. Moreover, if someone invites you to dinner, you are supposed to bring a gift; wine, chocolate, or flowers are a great option.

7. Dialects and Languages

In almost all of Spain’s independent communities, Spanish is the majority language, and it’s also the country’s official language. Besides Spanish, six of the sixteen local communities have their own co-official languages.

Aside from this, Spaniards who speak English as a second language are very common. In fact, English is commonly spoken in important tourist cities like Barcelona and Madrid. It is, therefore, essential to be familiar with any of these languages before traveling to avoid language barriers.

8. The Late-Night Culture

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

There’s no denying that Spain is all about nightlife. Aside from tourist attractions, few restaurants are open before 8 o’clock in the evening. You may be the only person eating in a restaurant if you arrive just as the restaurants open, as most Spaniards do not eat dinner until after 9 o’clock. Whether you are visiting the city of Madrid at night, wandering the streets of Pamplona after dark or enjoying the night time entertainment on the Costa Brava, there is plenty on offer in Spain. .

9. Art Galleries

Artists from Spain are well-known for their writing, music, and painting skills. There have been many artists whose names have become synonymous with inspiration, including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Diego Velazquez, and Francisco Goya. Approximately 400 years ago, Miguel de Cervantes wrote the renowned novel Don Quixote.

When you travel to Spain, take a look at the local ‘Museo de Bellas Artes’ or fine art museum. You can also see private galleries and contemporary museums there.

10. Architecture

One of the best things Spain is known for is its architecture, especially its Modernist structures. With iron, tiles, and concrete, the Catalan Modernist movement pushed boundaries and experimented with shapes, colors, and ideas influenced by nature, challenging the norm. It is must to discover Antoni Gaudi’s particular style in Barcelona since he is one of the most famous Modernist architects in the world.

UNESCO has recognized seven of his buildings as world heritage sites. Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous. The Sagrada Familia is worth a visit, even if you only have a day in Barcelona.

Sports in Spain

You can’t have a post about the things Spain is known for without considering their sporting influence on the world! Sport tourism is big here and sport for leisure is even bigger. Lets take a deeper look at sports in Spain.

1. Football

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

You won’t find better dedication and treatment of a sport than in Spain. Since football is the country’s most popular sport, it goes without saying that Spaniards excel at it. They are the owners of the World Cup, the Liga, the Copa Del Rey, and everything else.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are undoubtedly the two most successful clubs in Spain. La Liga is a national competition for all clubs in Spain. They’re the richest and best clubs in the country.

2. Bullfighting

Bullfighting is one of the best things Spain is known for. Bullfighting has long been part of Spanish culture. Three matadors fight a bull to death. This event is divided into three phases: the tercio de vara (lances), the tercio de banderillas, and the death phase.

If the matador kills the bull, the ear can be kept as a prize; otherwise, it must be left behind. In Spain, bullfighting is still a weekly sport; therefore, one must accept the fact that it is legal and moral.

3. Basketball

One of the most popular things Spain is known for is the national basketball competition. They compete against some of the best teams in Europe, which is quite impressive. Spain’s most famous basketball players are the Gasol brothers, both of whom have played in the NBA.

4. Tennis

The Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for tennis matches almost every day. Rafael Nadal, a great tennis player, hails from Spain. If you like tennis, be sure to check out the “Mutua Open” in Madrid in the first week of May.

5. Cycling

Cycling is a popular sport in Spain; the country holds the Vuelta a Espana, a race that circles the entire country. The scenery and climate in Spain make cycling a popular activity, and many people enjoy riding in the hills and mountains.

Spain’s Top Tourist Attractions

Other things Spain is known for includes the range of landmarks in Spain. Here are the ones that make the top spots.

1. Sagrada Familia

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

There is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Barcelona known as La Sagrada Familia that has been in construction since 1882 and is expected to be completed by 2026, the anniversary of Gaudi’s passing.

Despite being incomplete, this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s architecture is impressive. A masterful fusion of Gothic and curved Nouveau Art, one of the most remarkable things Spain is known for.

2. Ibiza

Small and charming, Ibiza is not just Europe’s but the world’s party capital. In addition to its never-ending, all-night parties, Ibiza is a trendsetting destination.

Shacks on the beach provide food and drinks and are the hub of activity. It’s known for producing some of the top Electronic Dance Music performers in the world, making Ibiza a popular party destination for teenagers.

3. Cuenca

Located halfway between Madrid and Valencia, Cuenca is a stunning example of a medieval city built on steep slopes. The city of Cuenca, a treasure in Castilla La Mancha, is known for its numerous hanging houses built close to the edge of the cliff.

4. El Escorial

Spanish King Philip II built El Escorial in the Sierra de Guadarrama foothills to serve as its political center. One of the best things to do in Spain is to go on this tour. These days, it serves as a monastery, royal palace, museum, and school.

5. Alhambra

On a plateau with views of Granada, the Alhambra is a fortress, palace, and garden complex located in southern Spain. In the fourteenth century, the Nasrid sultans built the palace. The Alhambra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, and many tourists travel all the way to Granada just to see it.

Facts about Spain you might not have known

Now lets finish off this article with some of the things Spain is known for that you may not have heard of!

1. Island Life is a big part of Spain

35 spectacular things Spain is known for

Visiting Spain’s beaches outside the Iberian Peninsula is a must on any trip. There are the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, and the Canary Islands, which are in the Atlantic Ocean. Ibiza’s party island is one of the well-known Balearic Islands.

2. There is a huge fresh food market in Valencia

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Valencia offers an 8,000-square-foot metered market with over 900 vendors selling meats, fish, spices, and olives. This art nouveau market is one of the fun things Spain is known for, as well as a popular tourist destination.

3. Spain is home to the third-highest number of UNESCO sites

Besides its rich history, lively culture, and breathtaking landmarks, Spain has 46 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A visit to Spain would not be complete without seeing the Alhambra and Cordoba, two of Spain’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Things Spain Is Known For: To Conclude

Spain has a great deal of history and culture to offer, and no matter how many times you visit, there is always something new to discover. The things Spain is known for are varied and these landmarks in Spain contribute to its unique identity and make it a popular tourist destination.

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