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25 incredible Texas castles

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The Texas castles are major tourist attractions in the United States and a trip to this state is not complete without visiting some of the Texas castles. But why are the Texas castles so special? Keep reading to learn all about it…

25 Incredible Texas Castles

texas castles

The Lone Star State, Texas, is not such a lonely state as more than 200 million tourists visit it each year. One of the main reasons for its popularity are the marvellous Texas castles. But which are worth visiting? And why should you visit these Texas castles?

Although the USA is filled with many important landmarks, here I have picked 25 incredible Texas castles that you may not want to miss. If you have a keen interest in these ancient super-buildings, you probably want to learn more about them. Moreover, selecting which one to visit will be easier when you have a list with some of their interesting details. So, let’s dive into them Pronto!

1. Castle Avalon

Location: Texas Hill Country, New Braunfels

Constructed: 1996

Let’s begin this list of Texas castles with Castle Avalon. The castle is a masterpiece of gothic style, commonly used as a wedding venue. It visualises couples as a fairytale prince and princess due to its magical appearance among tall oak trees.

2. Rockwall Castle

Location: Clem Road Extension, Rockwall County

Constructed: 2004

Consecutively winning the three WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Awards of 2018-20, Rockwall Castle is another dream marriage destination for couples. Even though the castle was constructed recently in 2004, its magnificent architecture reminds the medieval times.

Covering an area of 8,000 sq. ft, the whole property is spread across 10 acres. Ensure you don’t miss this old-time marvel of modern hands on your next Texas tour.

3. Falkenstein Castle

Location: Park Road, South Burnet

Constructed: 1996

Next up on this list of Texas castles is Falkenstein Castle. You can say that Falkenstein Castle technically travelled from Germany… When Terry Young, an architect and businessman, travelled to Germany with his wife, many castles inspired the couple. So after returning, he sketched Falkenstein, and his dream came true in 1996.

This is one of the Texas castles that is well worth a visit, but please note that you can only visit it by getting an appointment first, as it is private property.

4. Pignataro Castle

Location: Highway 6, Santa Fe

Constructed: 1930

Usually, when we think about castles, something mysterious comes to mind. Pignataro Castle solidifies this concept as no one knows who built it and why. Some people believe a widow to be the first owner, but the castle got its name when Franco Pignataro moved in. If its mystery piques your interest, don’t forget to discover more by visiting the castle during your trip.

5. Lake Worth’s Whiting Castle

Location: Lake Worth, Fort Worth

Constructed: 1830s

If you have an interest in horror stories, then the Whiting Castle of Lake Worth is worth visiting. (Again) Nobody knows who constructed it and why, but it is believed to be haunted. Maybe due to being an abandoned building near the famous Lake Worth Monster’s habitat. Who knows?

6. Castle Cottonland

Location: Austin Avenue, Waco

Constructed: 1890

Next up on this list of Texas castles is Castle Cottonland. This is another private property you can’t just go in and explore. The building has changed many owners since its completion and has experienced numerous renovations. So, it can be a decent place to explore variations in older architecture. It is loaded with stonework of marble, limestone, mahogany, and sandstone. However, ensure you have permission before you visit Cottonland to admire the craftsmanship.

7. Smythwick Castle & Lodge

Location: Marble Falls, Texas Hill Country

Constructed: (Unknown)

Coming back to the castles that are a dream wedding spot and delightful surroundings, Smythwick Castle and lodge serve as a gorgeous buildings. Many couples rent it for their marriage venue or to experience a peaceful ambiance of nature.

The castle can also easily accommodate up to 10 people for a night stay. So, try to spend one night there during your visit to enjoy the peace that place holds for its visitors.

8. Parsons Castle

Location: Lake Whitney, Clifton

Constructed: 2017

Parsons Castle is among the favourite destinations for many event planners due to its location beside Lake Whitney. The beautifully constructed castle usually hosts weddings, gatherings, parties, and different events in its gazebos or lush-green lawns.

The five-story building elegantly depicts the old architecture in accompaniment of stunning blue water behind. The 3,000 sq. ft large ballroom can accommodate 1,000 attendants while the castle itself can make 12 people stay overnight.

9. Newman’s Castle

Location: Old Highway, Bellville

Constructed: 2006

Mike Newman is another man who built a castle after being inspired by his Europe trip. However, he went crazy as Mike worked on his dream with only one assistant. Yes, two men built that entire castle in 8 years of hardship. Crazy! Anyhow, it’s worth visiting. But since it is private property, you can get permission to explore it after paying an entry fee at Newman’s bakery.

10. Bishop’s Palace

Location: Broadway Avenue, Galveston

Constructed: 1893

How can it happen that we make a list of 25 incredible Texas castles but not include any Victorian style? The Bishop Palace (also known as Gresham Mansion) truly represents this style for almost 130 years.

On your visit, you will observe the ancient architecture, historical furniture, and invaluable artifacts maintained for over a century. Apart from being private property, it also serves as a residence for the nearby church’s bishop (hence its name).

11. Old Red Museum of Dallas County

Location: South Houston Street, Dallas

Constructed: 1891

Once a courthouse in 1960, the Old Red Museum is an architectural embodiment of the 19th century and was included in the National Register Of Historic Places in 1970. However, it opened to the public as a museum in 2007. The red building represents Richardsonian Romanesque design and houses many Dallas artifacts. You can learn much about the country’s culture and history in just one tour.

12. Chateau Cocomar

Location: Houston

Constructed: 2005

You can consider Chateau Cocomar as a partial castle, but it is nothing less than a stunning, beautiful palace of extraordinary elegance. Basically, it was built for the use of a single family, hidden in the covers of the forest. But as the world knew about its spectacular surroundings, couples came here for wedding shootings or organized other main events. After all, it is a French-inspired building, from the land of romance.

13. Texas Pythian Home

Location: East Bankhead Drive, Weatherford

Constructed: 1909

Texas Pythian Home, also known as the “Castle on the Hill,” is a children’s home, making it one of the most unique Texas castles. It was constructed during the civil war and named after the Knights Of Pythias, who actively supported its construction.

Apart from being gorgeously built, the revenue it generates from its visitors completely funds the house’s operations for the children. So your trip won’t just be for its beauty, but also contribute to charity.

14. Castle of Lake Livingston Village

Location: Beaver Run, Livingston

Constructed: (Unknown)

Let’s take a small break from big, lavish palaces, and take a quick tour of the smaller yet elegant Castle of Lake Livingston Village. The medieval gothic-style building allows up to 5 persons to spend their most relaxing and peaceful time.

It was quite hidden for an unknown period. But since it was available on Airbnb for rent, you will find the place is booked for 80% of the year. So, you better keep checking its status if you wish to spend one night there.

15. 290 Wine Castle

Location: Durango, Johnson City

Constructed: 2018

290 Wine Castle is the latest building on this list and gets the name as it’s a winery, making it a great example of wine tourism! The building has the classic medieval design of a fort with four towers and is a tourist attraction, especially due to its interior. But you can also partake in many hosted activities like Dungeon adventures, events, or something involving (that’s right) wine.

16. Greystone Castle

Location: Interstate 20 Mingus

Constructed: 1990

So, after visiting 290 Wine, you may be interested in going to a place with much more activities. Greystone Castle is the right option as this 6,000-acre spread property holds so much entertainment. You can go fishing, hunting, horse riding, or indulge in different sports activities apart from exploring the magnificent building.

17. Castle Event Center

Location: Lubbock

Constructed: 1894

As you can guess by its name, Castle Event Center is the center of many events. The place hosts many weddings, birthday parties, gatherings, and other occasions. Both the outside, as well the interior hall are too spacious to accommodate a large number of people. While its medieval structure provides more photogenic events.

18. Mission Concepción

Location: Mission Road, San Antonio

Constructed: 1731

Being the oldest castle on this list, only the well-preserved remains of Mission Concepción are left today. It was first built as a church in the late 18th century, but soldiers used it as a fortress during the Texas Revolution. If you want to learn about Texas history, reserve a day for this castle, as it is included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

19. Austin County Jail Museum

Location: South Bell Street, Bellville

Constructed: 1896

Of course, you don’t want to go to jail. But there is an exception if it’s a museum. Right? Austin County Jail Museum is a castle people feared to get there in the past but are eager to visit today- this is a great example of dark tourism. The Romanesque Revival-styled red-brick building holds the history of Austin’s baddest inmates in the most exciting and exhibitionist way. What’s more, is that this location is easily reached by bus from Houston.

20. Pemberton Castle

Location: Wooldridge Drive, Pemberton Heights

Constructed: 1926

Sadly, Pemberton Castle is a place you may love to visit but cannot. Also called Fisher-Gideon House, the castle was built as a sales office for Pemberton Height’s high-class people. Later, the film industry used it as a shooting venue for many movies (like Blank Check). Now, it’s a private residence and not open to the public. However, viewing it from outside across the street won’t harm anyone.

21. Maverick Carter House

Location: Taylor Street, San Antonio

Constructed: 1893

Maverick Carter House is a live example of the skills of history’s greatest architect, Alfred Giles. Currently, it is open to visitors as a museum, housing some interesting archives and artifacts. However, the true exhibition lies in admiring the construction work of the building. Anyways, people also book the place for many private events to add a magical touch to the occasion.

22. Elisabet Ney Museum

Location: Austin

Constructed: 1892

The castle was built by a reputable sculptor, Elisabet Ney, who used it as her studio. After she died in 1907, Ella and Joseph B. Dibrell converted the building into a museum as a tribute to Elisabet’s life and work. So, the castle is the main attraction for art and sculpture lovers.

The museum holds some of Ney’s original busts and replicas of her masterpieces. You will also find some other items from her personal use to understand her lifestyle.

23. Castle Shelby County Courthouse

Location: San Augustine Street, Center

Constructed: 1885

You will find only one Irish-styled castle in the USA, and its Castle Shelby County Courthouse in the Center of Texas. What makes it distinctive are its 12 sleek towers around the red building that attracts its viewers. But, since the courthouse is under service as an office for Shelby County Judge, you can’t take a tour of the interior’s elegance.

24. Brown County Museum

Location: North Broadway Street, Brownwood

Constructed: 1902

Brown County Museum is the second museum on this list that was constructed as a jail. With an interesting striped design, the castle was built by hardship as workers brought limestone blocks from nearby hillsides. We are talking about the time before the common use of motor vehicles. Anyways, it served as a jail until 1980. After that, the building was included in the National Register Of Historic Places and was opened to the public.

25. Captain Charles Schreiner Mansion

Location: Earl Garrett Street, Kerrville

Constructed: 1879

The last of the Texas castles on the list, Captain Charles Schreiner Mansion, was initially the residence of rangers and army veterans. Its tower tops are made from Italian granite, which gives the building an impressive appearance. After housing different residents, the castle was officially converted into Hill Country Museum in 1975. So yes, you can visit it.

Takeaway– Texas castles

Indeed, Texas is rich in history and structural marvels, and different Texas castles around the state are significant examples. You may not miss touring them (or at least admire them from the outside only in some cases). Since you have a list of 25 incredible Texas castles, don’t forget to pay them a visit on your tour and make your trip Historical!

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