10 Cabin Crew Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Aug 9, 2020 | Cabin Crew

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The Cabin Crew interview is a vital part of the application process! After all the stress and hard work that is put into an application, it can be very disheartening to fail at such a late stage. In this post I will explain the 10 most common Cabin Crew interview mistakes made by candidates.

1. Arriving Late

You are being assessed every moment of your interview. It’s not just what you say and how you say it. Recruiters also take into account your body language, personality, clothing and your punctuality!

Punctuality is a vital part of the airline industry. For example, it is important that Cabin Crew are punctual to ensure that flights leave on time. Take a look at my post, ‘Why you must not be late to your Cabin Crew interview’ for more information on the importance of punctuality.

2. Your entrance

While you may be more concerned about what you’re about to be asked and how you should answer, interviews also pay a lot of attention to your entrance. Subconsciously, people judge you when they first meet you so it’s important that you make a good first impression.

Your first encounter with your interviewer will probably involve a handshake. Make sure you give a firm handshake that shows your confidence and friendliness.

You should also wait until the interviewer invites you to sit down. This shows respect and politeness to your interviewer. When you enter the room don’t just jump onto the first chair you see, wait until you are told when and where to sit down.

3. Not remembering your interviewers name

While you will inevitably be very stressed at your interview, its very important that you at least take the time to remember your interviewers name. When they introduce themselves, listen carefully and note down their name. During the interview you should address them by their name a few times. This shows respect and that you’ve taken the time and thought to remember it. However, be careful not to overuse it.

4. Negative body language

What you say is obviously a massive part of your interview. However, many people fail to recognise how important their body language is! Subconsciously your interviewer will be judging you from the moment you walk into the room. And it’s this first impression that can really make a difference. You need to make sure you give a good impression by displaying positive and confident body language.

To do this you should make sure you have good posture and don’t slouch in your seat. Hand gestures should be kept minimal and you should maintain comfortable eye contact. You could also nod to acknowledge you are listening to the interviewer. You should also have open body language. Such as, having your arms and legs uncrossed.

5. Chewing gum and/or smoking

Under no circumstances should you chew gum or smoke during your interview. This includes while you are waiting to be seen. You are constantly being assessed and watched from the moment you step in, and chewing or smoking will give off a bad impression. Chewing and smoking shows a lack of respect and portrays you as unprofessional. It is also likely that gum and smoking will be banned for Cabin Crew on that airline so it is instantly a big no!

6. Closed ended response

Even if you give a good enough answer, if you give closed ended responses it can make it hard for the conversation to flow. You should never respond with just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This will cut the conversation short and will just make the interviewer ask even more questions to try and make you elaborate. You should build on your answer with examples and anecdotes!

7. Inappropriate answers

Another common Cabin Crew interview mistake is giving inappropriate answers. You need to make sure that you give answers that are appropriate, professional and not offensive. You should never make any derogatory comments about your previous company or colleagues, even if prompted to by the interviewer. Your salary and benefits should never be discussed unless the interviewer asks you. This implies that you care more about the money than the actual job. You also need to avoid discussing politics and other heated topics during your interview. These topics should never be discussed on board. You will be dealing with a range of passengers and colleagues from different backgrounds and religions with differing views.

8. Dishonesty

You should never give an untruthful answer to try and sound impressive. Interviewers have interviewed hundred of candidates and know exactly what an artificial, generic answer sounds like. You should definitely avoid using answers you have found online, as it is likely that others have been looking on exactly the same websites as you. You should prepare and think about your answers before hand and make sure you have thought of several different examples. However, it is always a good idea to add a bit of spontaneity to what you’re saying with anecdotes that you think of on the spot.

9. Being too comfortable with the interviewer

It’s great if you can ease the natural awkwardness between interviewer and candidate. However, don’t act like the interviewer is your best friend. You should build up a rapport with the interviewer throughout the interview. This will demonstrate that you are capable of building up a rapport with strangers and thus passengers. However, you shouldn’t be too casual. You are still in an interview, and you are still the candidate. You should still maintain professional boundaries throughout your interview.

10. Letting frustration show

Finally, no matter how stressed you get you should never let your frustration show. Even if you think you messed up an answer, it isn’t your place to judge so just carry on with the interview as best as you can. Most of the time the interviewer won’t mind too much if you slip up, especially if you carry on gracefully and confidently. There’s nothing worse than trying to save yourself but fumbling over your answers and showing signs of frustration. After all, there will be many occasions when you will get frustrated with passengers but have to carry on as a friendly and confident flight attendant.

Have you ever had a Cabin Crew interview? How did you try to avoid these common Cabin Crew interview mistakes? I’d love to hear from you, leave your comments down below!

For more information on the application process and job role take a look at our online diploma in becoming Cabin Crew.


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