Jordan travel itinerary

One week in Jordan: Jordan travel itinerary

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(Last updated on: 28/11/2022)

Here is my one week Jordan travel itinerary. It was a busy week, but definitely a lot of fun- here is what we had planned and my top tips for planning a Jordan travel itinerary.

One week Jordan itinerary

It was slightly eerie being landlocked by war torn countries, but Jordan is actually one of the safest places I’ve visited and the people are incredibly hospitable and friendly. There is so much to do for everybody, from children to the elderly and so many great places to stay. So if you’re thinking about a trip to Jordan, or booking one of the many Jordan tour packages available I would definitely recommend it! Here is my one week Jordan itinerary.


Day 1-

Arrive Amman. I took an easyJet flight that was reasonably priced but unfortunately they will be stopping the route soon due to high airport taxes- get your cheap flights while you can! Be prepared to wait an hour or two for your visa on arrival, we were there a long time! The visa cost 20JOD. Once we escaped the airport we collected our hire car. Driving in Jordan is really easy, but driving in Amman is NOT! The roads were crazy, the map didn’t match up, road names mean nothing and circles (roundabouts) are often squares…. very confusing!

Jordan travel itinerary

Eventually after getting very lost we made it to down town Amman, grabbed a quick shish kebab and set down for the night. Amman has lots of great food, whether you are in search of vegan food in Jordan or a good old hamburger, you can find it in the capital city. There is lots to do in Amman too, so we did some research and planned some activities for our return at the end of our trip. 


Day 2-

We head about an hour north to Jerash, a very well preserved site containing extensive Roman ruins. Well worth a visit. Here I was stalked by school children who clearly hadn’t had much contact with Westerners… I had a little taste of celebritism!

Jordan travel itinerary
Jordan travel itinerary

Dead Sea

From here we head south to the Dead Sea. Opted for Amman Beach (20JOD) as opposed to one of the resorts to save money. Floated around for the afternoon- great fun!

Jordan travel itinerary

Kings Highway

Day 3-

Today we drove the Kings Highway which offers SPECTACULAR views! On route we visited the holy site of mount Nebo where Moses saw the promised land, we stopped at Madaba, home to the first known map of Persia found in a mosaic on a church floor and we visited a Crusader castle in Kerak.

Jordan travel itinerary


Day 4-

Petra. Petra was absolutely FANTASTIC! We explored the Nabatean ruins and tombs and head off around lots of trails exploring the hidden gems of the area and spectacular scenery. Beware- you will be walking A LOT.

Jordan travel itinerary

Little Petra

Day 5-

Petra and Little Petra. Little Petra is considerably smaller but also worth the visit, barely any tourists and one of the oldest known frescoes in one of the tombs- worth a visit!

Wadi Rum

Day 6-

We drove down to Wadi Rum and did a tour for the day and rode camels. We spent the evening at a Bedouin camp looking up the night sky- the stars looked AMAZING! We also saw many famous sites from the days of Lawrence of Arabia and ancient Nabatean inscriptions.

There are so many wonderful desert camps to choose from here and it really is a place like no other!

Jordan travel itinerary


Day 7-

Relax time! We head over to Aqaba and chilled in the Intercontinental resort for the day. It was great 🙂 35JOD to enter. In the evening we drove back up to Amman.

Jordan travel itinerary

Desert Castles

Day 8-

For our last day in Jordan we explored some of the desert castles surrounding Amman. We saw the fort that Lawrence of Arabia was based at, saw some ironic frescoes of naked women (against Islamic culture) in a small temple which has now been given UNESCO world heritage status and we visited a large Crusader castle (although this was no where near as good as Kerak!) There were hardly any tourists at these sites which was nice and I probably came the closest I ever will to Iraq! In the evening we flew home.

Jordan travel itinerary
Jordan travel itinerary

Only got a week in Jordan? Its plenty of time! But if you want a bit more relaxation time then maybe go for a couple of days extra. You can also combine your trip with a tour of Israel and Palestine too. I would definitely recommend travelling to Jordan and I can’t wait to explore Jordan with the kids

Jordan travel itinerary- to conclude

I hope that reading about my Jordan travel itinerary has helped you to plan your own trip. Have you been to Jordan? What’s your advice for future travellers planning their own Jordan itinerary?

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