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Tourism Teacher is a tourism educational platform which promotes sustainable tourism principles and practice.

Understanding the tourism industry is integral not only to help us all to have amazing holidays, but to ensure that the industry is sustainably and responsibly managed. From environmental degradation to the growth of the sharing economy to the impacts of globalisation, there are a lot of variables to consider when planning for tourism.

Through Tourism Teacher, I share my conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. Whether you are looking to make your travel and tourism business more sustainable, you want to develop your tourism industry staff or you are in search of travel tips and advice for personal travel, there is a wide range of analytical, critical and objective content on Tourism Teacher.

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Travel and tourism is made SIMPLE in these easy-to-read articles, explainer posts, infographics and YouTube videos.

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Comprehensive travel articles give advice on where to travel, the best things to see and do, tried-and-tested accommodation options and tips and tricks for travelling sustainably. 

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Are you a travel and tourism teacher/lecturer? Get access to 1000+ high quality teaching resources, CPD opportunities, a guest speaker directory, work experience placements and lots more in the Tourism Teacher Tribe.

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Get support with your studies with the Tourism Teacher student support programmes. Includes coursework review, dissertation supervision, student mentorship, CV edit service and more. 

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Take one of the Tourism Teacher in-house online courses or design your own! Courses are developed to suit your needs and requirements- contact me for more information.

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Take a look at the selection of travel and tourism merchandise in the Tourism Teacher shop. These items are perfect for travel and tourism enthusiasts as well as students and teachers!

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